We were looking for a dog during the pandemic and didn't know where to start.  A friend recommended Michael Hill to help us.  We talked and texted and then he met with us as a family: parents, kids, and Aunt.  We talked about what we were looking for in a dog and Michael asked questions to help us determine our priorities and goals.  Micheal took all of our information and found us the perfect dog.  Then Michael arranged transport and helped us get settled with our new dog, answering all the  big and little questions and guiding us on training.  We have now had Buddy for two years and he is the perfect addition to the the family.  When talking to friends about their experiences I just hear nightmares.  For us it what a seamless transition.  Buddy Fits perfectly with our lifestyle, personality, kids etc.  Thank you Michael!  You are the best!

-Brian M

Michael changed my life in ways I didn't even know I wanted changed thru his matchmaking program.  He had been working with my dog Jagger on training and in conversation I had passively asked does he think two dogs are a good idea.  Cut to months later he presents me with a potential match that he knew would fit into my family perfectly! After hearing about the dog I quickly said YES and two weeks ago our little Brussels Griff came home.  This has been the best addition to my little family and everything Michael promised was beyond anything I could dream of.  The brothers are happy, playing, teaching each other new manners, and loving up all the neighbors:  i can never thank Michael enough for expanding my family and creating opportunities I didn't know I was open to.  He is a real gem and someone I trust endlessly with my babies that he helped bring into my
Life.  Forever grateful

-Tracy G

My family and I have been working with Michael for almost 2 years since our male black lab was a young puppy.  My main goal was to have a (very) well behaved dog. Because of Michael's expertise and training (for us and Leo) that goal was not only achieved, but well-exceeded!  So there was no doubt that we would reach out to Michael again when we decided to add another Labrador puppy to our pack.  This time we asked Michael to match us with a breeder.  Initially, Michael spent time with me asking questions to learn exactly what we were looking for and contacted several breeders to find THE perfect match.  All the stars aligned, and 8 weeks later we brought a gorgeous female yellow lab.  I knew enough this time around to ask Michael for a puppy refresher course before we brought CJ home and to follow his instructions to a tee.  We had the best first night I have EVER had with a new puppy. We ALL got a good night's sleep, and after one day, are well advanced into crate and potty training.  I attribute it ALL to Michael's matchmaking skill, coupled with his knowledge and experience as a trainer. He is also a fabulous human being.  Five stars isn't enough!

-Laura W

I can't start to thank Michael enough! I had just got a 3 month year old puppy and was complete lost and overwhelmed. He help put me at ease and guide me through tools and tips to train my puppy. He was so fast and efficient with all his knowledge on training.She was potty trained in a week! He's beyond educated in all areas and has your pets best interest at heart. I only trust his advice! He really cares about your pup and you. Thank you Michael so much. Luca and I love you!

Tina C. and Luca

Michael changed everything
We used Michael as a dog trainer first for our 2 dogs we had had for many years. Guess what, you can teach an old dog new tricks. He helped our reactive dog to walk confidently on the leash. It turned walking her from a chore to actual fun! Sadly we lost one of our dogs after 17yrs. We turned to Michael for help. At this point he knew our family, how we lived, our activities & what we as dog owners needed. He helped us realize that just because a dog is cute doesn’t make it the right fit for us or the dog. Michael is so incredibly knowledgeable about dogs/breeds as well as human psychology, that he just knew the perfect match for us.
We didn’t want to take on a puppy so he connected us with a retired show dog that had all the life experience to be the easiest transition into our home.
We never even thought of a golden retriever, especially after having a chihuahua. He not only found the right breed, but the right dog for us. We are now all in golden lovers. As a matter of fact our pup’s middle name is Michael.

-Beth M

Michael Hill understands dogs and people. He has the factual knowledge experience and insight into needs and behavior to find the perfect match.  After almost a decade of no dogs after a lifetime of dogs but concerns about my age and home circumstances Michael worked with me and my family to find the perfect match. My life has been enriched three fold by Lola's presence. I will forever feel gratitude for Michael's guidance and for his expertise.

-Gale G

Michael's matchmaking talents are incredible! He listened to what we were looking for, was communicative throughout the process, and when our plans change he worked a miracle to connect us with the right breeder. 8 and 1/2 weeks later we welcomed the perfect chocolate lab into our home. Truly could not have done it without Michael. Wish there were more stars to give based on our experience.

-Nicholas P

Michael is absolutely fantastic! He helped both myself and my brother find the most adorable, loving, and smart english yellow labs. They are half sisters, and the perfect match for us! 
It was my first dog and Michael helped me prepare myself and train my new lab. The transition could not have been smoother, I couldn't have done it without Michael!


Michael is great to work with - exceptionally responsive, with a deep intuitive understanding of dog (and owner) behavior. Especially given the challenges of social distancing during the pandemic, he was extremely thoughtful and careful as he helped us find a dog that would be a perfect match for our needs.

-Ari S

Michael helped our family locate a perfect companion for our autistic son.  His consultation before we found Annie was enlightening and gave us confidence in the direction we chose.  When Annie first came to live with us, we honestly were overwhelmed, but after our first training session the next day, we felt on track to make this new relationship work.

After several weeks of training sessions, our son had memorized the information Michael had shared with him, and his daily work with Annie caused them to bond intensely!  5 years later and we could not be happier that we came across Michael in our neighborhood and he was able to get our family off on the right foot with Annie!

-Lucy W

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