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Michael brings empathetic and effective training approaches that have proven to be successful with over 600 clients around the globe. Private dog training sessions in your home or virtually, designed to empower dog-owner teams to reach their goals: whether new puppies, established canine family members with behaviors that need modification, and bright pooches looking for more enrichment in life.

On this page you will find a few reviews left by clients of Michael's.

Charlotte M. and Percy

Michael is absolutely incredible! It took three sessions for him to completely transform our dog, Percy, who has been on his best behavior since Michael taught us how to curb his anxiety. Percy has been barking incessantly during the pandemic. Now he is cuddly, responding to commands, and much less anxiety. Thank you, Michael!

Aunika O. and Riggs

Absolutely loved Michael and so did my dog, Riggs! The tips he provided me with to help with my puppies nipping has helped so much! If you are on edge about his training use this as a sign and do it! You won't regret it!

Jennifer G. and Teddy

Michael is an amazing dog trainer.  He helped our once uncontrollable labradoodle Teddy become a more confident and independent (from his dog brother) dog, which in turn made him more docile/well-behaved. After just one week with Michael, Teddy returned willing to take instruction, and Michael provided us concrete instructions to give Teddy.  So far, so much better!

Tina C. and Luca

I can't start to thank Michael enough! I had just got a 3 month year old puppy and was complete lost and overwhelmed. He help put me at ease and guide me through tools and tips to train my puppy. He was so fast and efficient with all his knowledge on training.She was potty trained in a week! He's beyond educated in all areas and has your pets best interest at heart. I only trust his advice! He really cares about your pup and you. Thank you Michael so much. Luca and I love you!

Marti H. and Harper

I can't say enough positive things about Michael! He has turned little Harper into a rockstar. Michael started training Harper when she was just 4 months old. Honestly the training started with me first! As a first time per owner he really calmed my fears and walked me through the ideology that Harper needed to adjust to my life not the other way around. We worked through so many common behavioral problems that puppies go through and after her week of board and train she literally learned all the fundamentals. We recently moved to Florida and Michael has popped down in person and on FaceTime to keep our progress going. Harper is now 10 months and loves her sessions with Michael this will be a life long relationship!

Jennifer L. and Fenway

Great doesn't begin to describe it. Michael is the best. Our Fenway has had a couple of training sessions with him and just came back from a board and train. The work he did on her separation anxiety is incredible. She's the same loving dog, just much calmer when we leave her! I've heard horror stories about board and train facilities and Michael could have not been a bigger difference, in fact he was running behind bring her home for one last cuddle session. We got photos and videos everyday showing the fruit of all the hard work! With his background in psychology he really understands the dogs and what makes them tick and how to overcome obstacles in a positive loving way. Thanks so much, see you soon!

Carolina H.

Working with Michael completely transformed my relationship to being a dog owner and taught me how to manage the joy and the work more sustainably. Two relatively straightforward interventions had an immediate impact. We worked on separation anxiety, independent play, loose leash walking, and resource guarding. Life is totally different on this side of training with Michael.

Erik T.

Michael is extremely knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with.  We recently got a puppy who was starting to develop some bad habits.   After just one visit Micheal was able put us back in control and correct the issues.  He is extremely responsive via the phone and text.   There is zero pressure to sign up for more sessions, he really wants to do what is best for the pet owners.   Try Michael you won't be disappointed.

Nicole S.

Michael has helped our miniature schnauzer to be calmer and feel more secure around little kids and other dogs!!! He was so amazing and we could tell he loved our dog very much and was a part of his family!

Paul Y.

We adopted a second dog who is younger and much more energetic than our current dog (also an adopted shelter dog) and really needed help with trying to train and control the new dog.  Michael was patient and very knowledgeable and we saw results immediately.  He spent the time to get to know us and the dogs so that he could create a plan that we could work on and build upon.  And, most importantly, he explained in detail what and why we needed to do something in order to get the results we wanted.  We highly recommend him!!!

Melissa J.

Michael is an excellent trainer of dogs and people. Teaching a dog something is one thing, but teaching owners how to train their pets is something else, and Michael excels at both. His gentle, compassionate demeanor calms the animal and encourages the human. My Doberman ruled the roost until Michael showed me how to take command through explanation and example. Now I can confidently approach my dog with any new task. His methodology is simple, sound and effective, and you will see results immediately.

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