Matchmaking Services

Just like a professional real estate agent lends comprehensive expertise to finding a new home, Michael does the same with new dog owners.  Drawing from an extensive professional background  in the dog world (colored by involvement in rescue dogs, purebred show dogs, and guiding countless new dog and puppy owners through the transitions of learning to live together), he seeks to educate ahead of the acquisition of a new dog as he has found that prime compatibility decisions can often be far more impactful than extensive training work.

The process begins with assessing needs and expectations of the family - considering lifestyle, dog experience, available free time, and particular preferences. These factors are then examined in light of the different options available in finding a new dog.  He believes there is no one best place to find your new dog, rather his goal is to help determine the best fit for your specific needs.  Michael then puts his matchmaking skills in play, seeking out available options within the desired parameters and advising the family on the pros and cons of each potential option.  

Picking The Perfect Pup

Michael has been offering this service for years now and every situation looks different. His involvement in the matchmaking process can range from consultation and education, to establishing connections with the best sources, to in person selection, transit and even foundational training to set the new family up for success. Impulse decisions can be thrilling, but a carefully planned match can provide the best odds for a long, happy life together - and that’s what our dogs deserve!

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